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Civic Use of the Internet

People Technology Foundation launched one of its most successful programs, Internet Without Borders, in 1999. Internet Without Borders is a unique initiative for addressing the Digital Divide that enables those who are not computer literate or do not have Internet access to benefit from the information on the Internet.

Internet Without Borders

When the Internet was new and computer and Internet access was not widely available, especially to the disadvantaged, People Technology Foundation implemented its Internet Without Borders program. The foundation has worked with single mothers, senior citizens, and commercial fishermen, bringing the power of the Internet to those who could not take advantage of the rapidly expanding wealth of information being published on the web. The program has attracted the attention of the White House and was featured at the 2000 Congressional Black Caucus Tech Fair.

When PTF extended Internet Without Borders to work with commercial fishermen, the foundation received a grant from New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman in November 2000 to support that effort. A study was conducted to see if there was any way that commercially available and inexpensive technology could help these single boat or small fleet entrepreneurs compete against fishing conglomerates. When it was determined that technology enhancements or education would not provide a solution to ensure the ongoing viability of the small commercial fishing industry, the foundation (much to the surprise of the state!) returned the remainder of the provided funds.

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