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  • app Incubator Marketplace
  • IT developers, such as small independent app developers, need to test market their offerings by having users try them, capturing feedback and comments, and collect utilization statistics. They also often need funding to get their apps to market.

    The PTF Incubator Marketplace platform provides all of the above, plus it:

  • Assists developers to garner financial support through targeted, tax-free donations collected by the PTF
  • Enables developers to achieve flexible control through enhanced secure app utilization technology based on date and temporal- and count-based parameters
  • Eliminates the need for developers to administer names and passwords
  • The App Incubator Marketplace provides a simple, quick, and easy approach to test market apps under the auspices of a not for profit foundation. It enables a low cost entrance into markets while preserving the developer’s ownership and independence.

    Society benefits by accelerating the ability of new, innovative, independent apps to reach a test market, thereby helping spur economic development.

    The PTF Incubator Marketplace platform can also be used for web services such as SaaS (on-demand) software, PaaS and AaaS.

  •  Data Pinnacle Times
  • Most recently, People Technology Foundation is in the process of launching the Data Pinnacle Times. The Times is an online news aggregation website specifically focused on centralizing access (via web links) to news, articles, papers, organizations, conferences, and other information on specific data topics. The goal is to fill an information gap—namely, quick and easy access to information on less frequently aggregated topics related to the data discipline—as well as to provide a location for experts in the data field to self-publish their papers. The ultimate goal is to generate a centralized information source for a specific community of interest to find as well as participate in sharing information of interest to the data community.

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